2024 Clinicians Symposium

Charge: The 2024 Clinicians Symposium Committee is charged with developing and delivering a compelling scientific program that meets the educational needs of members and attendees, inspiring an exchange of ideas; and generates revenue.  

Specific Responsibilities:
1. Develop program based on identified needs, gap analysis and expertise.
2. Develop session objectives, description, and speakers. 
3. Serve as session moderators and evaluate overall program after conclusion.

Committee Officers and Members

Dr. Augusto  T Hsia , Jr.
Dr. Augusto T Hsia , Jr., MD, CCD

Dr. Jennifer J. Kelly
Dr. Jennifer J. Kelly, DO, FACE, CCD

Dr. Rachel Pessah-Pollack
Dr. Rachel Pessah-Pollack, MD, FACE,
Vice Chair

Dr. Sarah Keller
Dr. Sarah Keller, MD,

Dr. Leila Zeinab Khan
Dr. Leila Zeinab Khan, MD,

Dr. Susanne U. Trost
Dr. Susanne U. Trost, MD, CCD

Allix Reich
Allix Reich, ,
Staff Liaison