Public Policy Committee

Charge: The charge to the Public Policy Committee is to monitor and influence state, federal, and international regulations as well as insurance reimbursement policies that impact bone densitometry accessibility, reimbursement, certification, and accreditation. The committee also has responsibility for maintaining web resources on state specific regulations and medicare carrier links.
Membership: Chair is selected through the board nomination and election process. Members are appointed by the Committee Chair.
Meetings:  Meetings are held on an as needed basis and generally via teleconference

Committee Officers and Members

Dr. Indira R. Saxena
Dr. Indira R. Saxena, MD, CCD

Ms. Kayla R. Brown
Ms. Kayla R. Brown, , CBDT

Ms. Monique M. Carroll
Ms. Monique M. Carroll, BSHA, RT(L), CBDT

Dr. Curtis M Foy
Dr. Curtis M Foy, MD, CCD

Joseph Theressa Nehu Parimi
Joseph Theressa Nehu Parimi, MD, CCD

Mr. Aaron D. Stopa
Mr. Aaron D. Stopa, RT, CBDT

Mr. Peter D Brown
Mr. Peter D Brown, ,
Ex-Officio-Executive Director/CEO

Miss Malley O'Shea
Miss Malley O'Shea, ,
Staff Liaison