CME Committee

Charge: The Charge of the CME Committee is to ensure that the CME programming is compliant with ACCME guidelines and the American Medical Association's rules for their Physician's Recognition Award (AMA PRA).

Specific Responsibilities:
1 .Review and approve policies for the CME Program.
2. Review and approve the CME Mission Statement and its subsequent revisions on an annual basis.
3. Review the Annual Report and Self-analysis of the CME Program and its effectiveness; discuss this report and recommend improvements to the process, if needed.
4. Review content of CME activities, perhaps through an affiliated committee, if requested and falls within expertise.
5. Assign members as liaison to other committees that pan education for the organization to integrate into the planning process, assure that ACCME Essential Areas and policies are met, and that good adult learning principles are applied to the planning process.
6. Review and recommend expansion of program regarding topics and types of educational methodology utilized to deliver education to prospective participants.
7. Oversee periodic needs assessments and the integration of needs assessment results into curriculum planning.

Committee Officers and Members

Mr. Campbell B. Macgregor
Mr. Campbell B. Macgregor, , CCD

Dr. Augusto  Hsia jr, Jr.
Dr. Augusto Hsia jr, Jr., MD, CCD

Dr. Suresh Kumar
Dr. Suresh Kumar, MD, CCD

Mrs. Jammie Elizabeth Matthews
Mrs. Jammie Elizabeth Matthews, , CBDT

Mrs. Kelly A Molinar-Kagan
Mrs. Kelly A Molinar-Kagan, RT(R)(M), CBDT

Dr. Harold N. Rosen
Dr. Harold N. Rosen, MD, CCD

Dr. Vani Selvan
Dr. Vani Selvan, MD, CCD

Joseph Theressa Nehu Parimi
Joseph Theressa Nehu Parimi, MD, CCD

Mr. Peter D Brown
Mr. Peter D Brown, ,
Ex-Officio-Executive Director/CEO