Ask an Expert

Charge: The Ask an Expert Committee is charged with with supporting one of our most popular member benefits answering the questions submitted by ISCD members in specific categories. Each expert is assigned to a category in which they have expertise and are willing to share it with their colleagues

Membership: The membership is dictated by the number of categories which may ebb and flow based on questions posed by members and trends in Skeletal Health Assessment. Experts on this committee interact directly with ISCD members through the ISCD website portal. 
Meetings:  This committee does not have formal meetings. They receive email notifications when a new question has been posed in their category. Staff members provide support to experts as needed. 

Committee Officers and Members

Dr. Carlos Gonzalez Munoz
Dr. Carlos Gonzalez Munoz, , CDT

Mr. Lawrence G. Jankowski
Mr. Lawrence G. Jankowski, , CBDT

Dr. Jennifer J. Kelly
Dr. Jennifer J. Kelly, DO, FACE, CCD

Ms. Kyla Kent
Ms. Kyla Kent, , CBDT

Dr. Anne  F Lake
Dr. Anne F Lake, DNP, ONP-C, FNP-C, CCD

Dr. William D. Leslie
Dr. William D. Leslie, MD, FRCPC, MSc, CCD

Dr. E. Michael Lewiecki
Dr. E. Michael Lewiecki, MD, FACE, FACP, FASBMR, CCD

Dr. Wojciech P. Olszynski
Dr. Wojciech P. Olszynski, MD, PhD, FRCPC,

Dr. Christopher R Shuhart
Dr. Christopher R Shuhart, MD, MHA, CCD

Mrs. Wendy Tolman-Andrews
Mrs. Wendy Tolman-Andrews, BS, RT(BD), CBDT