DXA Body Composition Analysis Course Committee

Charge: The DXA Body Composition Analisys Course committee is charged with making revisions to the ISCD DXA Body Composition Analysis Course

Specific Duties:
1.    Evaluate the performance of US Faculty utilizing the activity evaluations.
2.    Evaluate credentials of new faculty for courses offered internationally.
3.    Review course evaluations for suggestions and criticisms used to improve the quality of each program. Additionally, assess need for a curriculum update based on scientific need. Courses are to be reviewed and updated annually.
4.    Work with staff and the CME Committee to ensure that course planning, implementation and documentation is compliant with ACCME guidelines.
5.    Review budgets

Committee Officers and Members

Dr. John A. Shepherd
Dr. John A. Shepherd, PhD, CCD

Dr. Gary Slater
Dr. Gary Slater, ,
Vice Chair

Mr. Ian Entwistle
Mr. Ian Entwistle, ,

Ms. Kyla Kent
Ms. Kyla Kent, , CBDT

Dr. Adam Kuchnia
Dr. Adam Kuchnia, PhD, RDN,

Dr. Michelle G Swainson
Dr. Michelle G Swainson, BSc, MSc, PhD,

Mr. Peter D Brown
Mr. Peter D Brown, ,
Staff Liaison