JCD Editorial Board

Charge: The Editorial Board is a team of experts in the field of Densitometry charged with providing expert advice on content, attracting new authors and encouraging submissions.

Specific Responsibilities: 
1. Review submitted manuscripts.
2. Advise on journal policy and scope.
3. Identify topics for special issues, which they may guest edit.
4. Attract new authors and submissions.
5. Promote the journal to their colleagues and peers.
6. Assist the editor(s) in decision making over issues such as plagiarism claims and submissions where reviewers can’t agree on a decision.


Committee Officers and Members

Dr. Ronald C. Hamdy
Dr. Ronald C. Hamdy, MD,
JCD Editor-in-Chief

Denelle Hensley
Denelle Hensley, ,
JCD Managing Editor

Dr. Joao Lindolfo C. Borges
Dr. Joao Lindolfo C. Borges, ,
Editorial Board

Dr. Ernesto Canalis
Dr. Ernesto Canalis, ,
Editorial Board

Prof. Juliet E. Compston
Prof. Juliet E. Compston, ,
Editorial Board

Prof. Didier Hans
Prof. Didier Hans, PhD, MBA,
Editorial Board

Mr. Lawrence G. Jankowski
Mr. Lawrence G. Jankowski, , CBDT
Editorial Board

Dr. Yebin Jiang
Dr. Yebin Jiang, ,
Editorial Board

Dr. David L. Kendler
Dr. David L. Kendler, , CCD
Editorial Board

Dr. Douglas P. Kiel
Dr. Douglas P. Kiel, ,
Editorial Board

Dr. Edgar V. Lerma
Dr. Edgar V. Lerma, ,
Editorial Board

Dr. Michael J. Maricic
Dr. Michael J. Maricic, MD,
Editorial Board

Dr. Sarah L. Morgan
Dr. Sarah L. Morgan, MD, RD, CCD
Editorial Board

Prof. Nicholas Pocock
Prof. Nicholas Pocock, M.B., B.S. MD, FRACP,
Editorial Board

Dr. Sudhaker D. Rao
Dr. Sudhaker D. Rao, ,
Editorial Board

Dr. John A. Shepherd
Dr. John A. Shepherd, PhD, CCD
Editorial Board